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It's all about creativity and passion around here.

Purple Peacock Creative


They aren't afraid to stand out.


I'll make sure you stand out!

Some cultures believe they represent rebirth & the start of new chapters.


I help my clients in this new chapter of their brand and the rebirth of their company!

I’ll ensure that your brand will bring confidence to your clients, dignity to yourself and/or staff, and grace overall.

They carry themselves with confidence, dignity and grace.



Welcome! Thank you for taking the next step for your business, to create a bright future ahead.


Hello! 👋 I'm Shannon, the owner of Purple Peacock Creative, a professional freelance creative studio, specializing in graphic design, identity, branding, advertising and marketing services.

I am here to help you navigate the creative process & graphic design waters.


You may already have a vision for what you want, and you need a little help getting there, or you might be feeling a little intimidated about the whole process and don't know where to start. Relax. You have come to the right place!


Offering one-on-one personal service, you can be sure that your voice is heard and your goals are met. Whether you need a logo, marketing brochure, branding package, ad design or digital graphics, I can help you create a strategic, creative & unique look.


I work with anyone in need of creative services, from solo entrepreneurs, startups, & small to large-sized businesses. I also offer support to other creative agencies. Wherever you are in the world, I'll ensure that your new brand will make heads turn as you're peacocking around town!

Purple Peacock Creative was founded on 3 principles:

Principle 1

Create beautiful, effective & purposeful work for passionate people with a purpose.


Principle 2

Startups & businesses shouldn't suffer because they simply can’t afford to hire an expensive agency.


Principle 3

Successful brands & partnerships are built on passion, respect, creativity, transparency, and great communication.


A little more about Shannon 


Hi again! 👋  I wanted to share a little more about myself and my background, so you can get to know me better, and feel comfortable enough to ask me anything. 


I manage everything here at Purple Peacock Creative, LLC, from design work, creative direction, client interaction, timelines & project management.


Throughout my life. I have always had a knack for creativity. Growing up, my mom was the creative one, so I draw a lot of that from her. I had a lot of hobbies that included things like art, handmade jewelry, music & creating fashion concepts.


My love of abstract forms, creative designs, color, an eye for detail, and the potential of what can come from just an abstract idea in your head, led me to pursue graphic design professionally. I graduated with my AAS in Multimedia Graphic Design, and have now been a professional in the design industry for over a decade.


My design experience has included working for both in-house & award-winning full-service advertising & marketing agencies, to running my own design company & volunteering. I believe that all of my skills and experience I've accumulated in my career to date, have been a huge part of my client's successes. I've gained a solid understanding of what goes on behind the scenes of a brand, as well as how to look at a brand from a bird's eye view.

In my free time, you can find me getting creative with plant-based recipes in the kitchen, painting, researching (just about anything), learning how to garden & compost, or going on hikes with my rescue chihuahua corgi mix.


I was born in California, lived in Colorado for some time, and am now exploring other parts of the country. Making waves, moving mountains & trekking new paths!


"She translates an idea into beautiful, functional artwork"


"Shannon is an excellent graphic designer, and also a wonderful person to work with! She is able to translate an idea into beautiful, functional artwork that fits well in a variety of venues, whether online or in print. She is detail-oriented and highly creative, and it's evident that she really hears and understands the client's vision for what they want. Shannon is truly passionate about what she does, and we love working with her!"


Tonia Nifong, The Arc Pikes Peak Region

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